Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Wreaking Havoc

Hurricane Sandy is slamming the East Coast today, so I am home.  My boss rarely closes the office so I was surprised when he called me.  (I only wish he called about 45 minutes earlier before I was showered, dressed and heading out the door!)  I was actually looking forward to a quiet day in the office.  My assistant had already called me earlier this morning to say she wouldn't be in, and I figured many others would do the same which would leave a relatively quiet day to get some much needed work off my to do list.  I guess Mother Nature had different plans for me today.

With a (fake) snow day, I'm stuck inside!  I could be doing that "much needed work off my to do list" but there are so many other distractions!  

So far, I am catching up on my DVR and On Demand shows.  I have finished the last 3 episodes of 666 Park Avenue.  It is definitely one of my favorite new shows of the fall season line-up.  It has suspense without being too scary.  (unlike American Horror Story: Asylum that I can't watch when it is dark out)  Next up; last night's episode of Once Upon a Time and Revenge.

Also on the agenda for today's fake snow day, a manicure.  Red nail polish used to be a staple for me and I have been noticing so many beautiful scarlet hues, that I'm pulling out my all time favorite red, Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color Rouge Fatal 487.  While Rouge Fatal is discontinued, it can still be found HERE.  Dragon 475 and Lotus Rouge 455 are also great Chanel reds.

I'm also hoping to start my October GlossyBox unboxing and review.  This month was just as spectacular as previous months, so check back in a couple of days to see what I received!

I also have a stack of magazines that I could catch on.  I keep buying them and throwing them in a pile to read later, but the problem is later doesn't usually come until the season is over!

Source: The Decorista
If all else fails, I suppose I could get some work done.  Although, if I had a home office like this no amount of distractions would hinder my productivity.

If your on the East Coast and stuck at home,  what are you doing with your fake snow day??

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  1. Just wanted to stop by and say thank you SO much for following my blog!! It really means a lot to me <3
    I'm stuck at home today as well, though I was lucky and received an email from my school last night; thankfully homework is done so I've been able to relax today!!
    The last photo you put in made me chuckle; I love that picture in general and have seen it around a lot but that's one of the better captions put on it haha.


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! That stack of magazines looks like mine! LOL.



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