Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mood Board

I am making a change.  I sat down to do an August Favorites post but hit a road block.  While I had many favorites throughout the month of August, I felt  a post would be  redundant since I had already been sharing my favorites weekly.  Therefore, after 2 attempts on monthly favorites and numerous weeklies I hit a fork in the road.  Do I continue weekly favorites or monthly?  Decisions, decisions!

Starting this month I'm going to save all my favorites for the end of the month and present them together; therefore eliminating my weekly roundup.  Instead, I'll bring you a collage of my favorite images of the week.

 (Sources Left to Right/Top to Bottom  BestiessomeecardsWest Elm Ottoman; Unknown;  Fashionable KidsMiniature Pumpkins Wreath)

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