Friday, September 14, 2012

Lip care

I love red lipstick!  Unfortunately I end up looking like Bette Davis as Baby Jane, every time I try to wear it.  For whatever reason, it always seems to give me crazy eyes.  

Whatever color you are sporting, lipstick always looks best on well conditioned lips.  

As part of my regular routine, I exfoliate my lips every other to every 3rd night using Sara Happ Lip Scrub.  I am currently using the scrub in Almond Creme.  Other great scrubs include Bubble Gum Lip Scrub by Lush and Whipped Cherry Lip Scruub by Bite Beauty.  I then apply a generous amount of Vaseline Lip Therapy before bed.    The next morning I apply a lip balm such as EOS Lip Balm or Laura Mercier Lip Balm before I do anything else.

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