Thursday, August 2, 2012

Miss Jessie's Hair Care

I first heard about Miss Jessie's at Target.  The brand was first started in 1997 as a salon specializing in hair care for those with curly, natural hair.  The owners than introduced a line of hair care products in 2004. While I don't have curly hair, for whatever reason I smelled the products one day in Target and fell in love with the scent, leading me to buy their Crème de la Curl Cleansing Crème and Crème de la Crème Conditioner.  The scent was just the icing on the cake because I fell in love with these products!

I don't have curly hair but I do have straight frizzy hair that doesn't require too much maintenance, but like everyone I would like to cut some styling time off my routine.  When using Miss Jessie's Crème de la Curl Cleansing Crème and Crème de la Crème Conditioner, I barely had to do anything to my hair  . . . no blow dryer, no hot irons . . . AMAZING! 

Crème de la Curl Cleansing CrèmeCrème de la Crème Conditioner

Be warned that the cleansing crème is a truly sulfate free cleanser, so it WILL NOT FOAM.  Even though it doesn't suds up like you may be used to, doesn't mean its not working.

Sadly I eventually ran out of these products  . . . .

 . . . and I haven't repurchased for the simple fact that I currently have three different sets of shampoos and conditioners that I am trying to use up before I go back to Miss Jessie's.  BUT I was super excited when one of my favorite blogs,, reported free samples on Miss Jessie's website.  I immediately clicked over there and claimed my free samples.  At the time I was able to choose 3 samples (you can now only claim 2 samples), so I got my beloved Crème de la Curl Cleansing Crème and Crème de la Crème Conditioner.  I also picked up another sample of a product that I have yet to try, Curly Buttercreme which is said to instantly soften dry curls.

All three samples were shipped to me (with free shipping) in a red Miss Jessie's shopping bag.  I received them within 3 days.

 To claim your free samples click here.

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