Saturday, August 11, 2012

All Things Awesome This Week

NASA successfully lands Curiosity on Mars - I am fascinated with space and astronomy.  It amazes me that NASA has been successful in landing a rover on Mars and will be able to report images back from a completely other planet.

TRESemme Split Remedy, Split End Healing Serum - I used this for the time first this week and it make the ends of my hair so soft and smooth that I couldn't stop touching my hair.  I got my hair cut yesterday, but had been very overdo for a cut so my ends were very fried and dried.  With the first use of TRESemme's Split Remedy earlier this week my ends immediately felt like they were freshly cut. 

LUXE BOX by Loose Button invitation - I have been reading about Luxe Box by Loose Button for a while now but was bummed that it was a service only available in Canada.  I was over the moon this week when I received an invitation to sign up for their US launch.


Lightweight Button-Front Sleeveless Tops, Old Navy - I have these shirts and 3 different colors, including this blue.  I have been wearing them all week because they are so light and comfortable.  I bought one size up so it was roomy.  I could live in it!

D&Y American Flag Scarf, Nordstrom BP - I have wanted the Free People Tattered Flag Scarf for months and was just about to buy it when I saw this scarf in Nordstrom for half the price.  It is light weight and pretty large.  It is listed on the David & Young website on sale for $15 marked down from the original price of $20.  I got it for Nordstrom's regular price of $18.  It is not as large as the free people version, but still a good size.

Essie nail polish in Watermelon - I have worn this shade all week long.  I love Essie polish because it lasts longer on me then other formulas. 

What were the places, faces and spaces that rocked your world this week?

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