Monday, July 9, 2012

Target Style

First, I'd like to start out stating that I drafted this entire post on my iPad so the formate might not be as great as if I posted is on my laptop. I just downloaded the BloggerPress app, so I am trying it out.

I was recently on the Target Style Facebook page and noticed so many cute things that it inspired me to write this post. We all love Target and I have always liked the cute clothing and accessories you can find there. I feel like they really stepped it up a bit and have gone even further to become a great place to find some real stylish pieces.

Sterling Silver Guardian Eye Stretch Carnelian Beaded Bracelet ($39.99) - they also have a coordinating gold plated bracelet with black beads.

Turquoise Agate Gold Metal Cuff Bracelet $24.99

Journee Collection Womens Zippered Platform Wedges ($39.99) - These also come in black and in red. They would be great for fall.

Women's Mossimo Black® Pahnia Wedge ($29.99) - LOVE wedges. These also come in black.

Merona® Beach Tote - Coral/White ($19.99) - This comes is lots of different colors and patterns but I am partial to the coral. It's an almost exact dupe for a beach bag I bought from the Gap two years ago for double the price.

Merona® Blue Envelope Clutch ($19.99) - this also comes in hot pink and in camel.

The Webster at Target® Strapless Maxi Dress - Deco Print Navy/Melon ($44.99) - there were so many cute dresses that I stopped myself at just one. I absolutely love this dress!

I could have kept going with all the super cute stuff at Target but given I posted this solely on my iPad, I decided not to go on for days. I don't know of its my iPad (I have a s..l..o..w first generation) or if I just need to keep practicing, but that was hard! (Sorry for any typos)

What are your favorite items at Target?

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