Monday, July 2, 2012

Online Shopping Tips

I am a huge online shopper.  There are so many more selections online and if you do your homework and plan ahead, you can find some great deals.  Below are my tips for online shopping:
  • Do your research - If there is a particular product that I want that is not specific to a certain store, I often search Google shopping to compare prices and find the lowest price online.
  • Use coupon codes - If you sign up for emails from a site they will often send you coupon codes.  If you don't want them cluttering up your inbox create a new email adress just for merchant mailings.  If you are not aware of a coupon code, Google it.  A simple search for "merchant name coupon code" will usually pull up tons of websites you can browse for codes. My favoite coupon site is
  • Plan ahead - This goes with the coupon codes.  I know that some sites like the Gap or the Loft send out coupon codes quite frequently so if there is something I want I will often wait a couple days until I get their latest email.
  • Don't expedite - I used to be so guilty of this, but I made a new years resolution this year not to pay for expedited shipping.  For the first time I actually kept a resolution.  At some point we all want instant gradification, but not when it is costing you more than your product.  If you need it that bad, go to the store.
  • Sign up for programs like - When you find a merchant through, the marchant will give you back a specified percentage of your order. 
  • Only use sites like Groupon or Living Social for items you would have purchased anyway.  Otherwise, you are actually wasting money since you wouldn't have bought it to begin with.
  • Make sure the website you are using is secure before entering your personal and credit card information.  One way to make sure it is secure is verify that the site is https.
Do you online shop?  What are your tips for online shopping?

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