Saturday, July 28, 2012

All Things Awesome This Week

2012 Olympic Games: Opening Ceremonies - Everything about the opening ceremonies was amazing.  

Matching with Friends - Matching with Friends is definitely my new favorite app.  I have always been a fan of puzzle games over word games.  Matching with Friends takes Words with Friends and turns it into a puzzle. 

Double Zip Bowling Bag, ZARA - I love ZARA handbags.  They are so well made and very on trend.  I was looking to purchase a new handbag today when I went into ZARA, but this one was marked down to $39.99 from it's original $79.99 price tag (half off!) that I just couldn't not get it.  I love the taupe color because it goes well with both black and brown tones and it has so many pockets and it was made for me. 

Coconut Collection, Yankee Candle - I am usually not big on coconut, but this collection smells great.  I picked up the No. 1 Coconut & Sea Air and No. 3 Coconut & Mandarin today.  Coconut & Mandarin is my favorite.  Both scents are great summer smells.  

Rob's Really Good Swirling Cucumber Drink - I love all things cucumber; cucumber eye pads, cucumber sandwiches, cucumber margaritas.  Rob's Really Good Swirling Cucumber Drink is very refreshing and tastes great.

Dancing with the Stars: All Stars - The Dancing with the Stars All Stars cast was revealed this week and I cam SO EXCITED! I don't want to wish the rest of the summer away, but I can wait for it to debut on September 24th.

I'm sorry, I didn't realize that 
you're an expert on my 
life.  Wait a minute 
while I get a pen to 
take notes. - My new favorite website.  It is like but cruder!

What were the places, faces and spaces that rocked your world this week?

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