Saturday, July 14, 2012

All Things Awesome This Week

It's Saturday, which means its time to talk about all the things I loved this week. 
L'Oreal Paris Colour Caresse by Color Riche, Blushing Sequin - I love these lipsticks.  They are very moisturizing and provide great color.  Blushing Sequin is a great bright pink without being too bright.

Big Brother 14 - Not only does summer bring lazy days, sunshine, vacations . . . the list goes on and on,  summer means a new season of Big Brother.  I look forward to the new season of BB every year and the debut of BB14 stayed true to their tag line, "expect the unexpected."  I can't wait to see how the seasons unfold and who will win the $500,000!

Outlet Shopping - I am not normally a fan of outlet shopping.  I like saving money, but I hate how overcrowded they get with people fighting to save $5 on a t-shirt and most of the time the "sales" are stuff you wouldn't buy or wear otherwise.  Not to mention that the last time I went outlet shopping I asked the gentleman working at the Gap if I was indeed at an outlet because everything was priced at retail.  The whole experience usually gives me heart palpitations, but today I went early to avoid the summer crowds and was actually pleasantly surprised that I found stuff a would actually wear AND was discounted.  SCORE!!

Premium Ice Cream  Birthday Party

Blue Bunny Birthday Party Ice Cream - July is National Ice Cream Month, and I have been celebrating all week long.  I bought Blue Bunny's Birthday Party ice cream this week at the supermarket and I have had it twice for dinner this week.  It is so yummy!

Friday the 13th - Most people hate Friday the 13th and think of it as rather unlucky.  I think just the opposite.  I usually enjoy Friday the 13th.  While nothing that spectacular happened yesterday, nothing bad happened either.  Overall, everyone seemed to be a great moods, I got a lot done at work, my house was/is clean  and nothing really irritated.  In my book that is a pretty stellar day!

Glamour's Five Senses

Birchbox - I got my birchbox this week.  I always look forward to receiving it.  Being completely surprised as to what small goodies are inside is all part of the fun.  It reminds me of being a kid and opening my stocking on Christmas morning.  It was always my favorite part of Christmas morning.  The theme of this month's box was Glamour magazine's Five Senses issue.  I have not yet tried nay of the items in my box, but once I do you can expect a review on this month's box.  For more information on Birchbox, check out my post on Beauty Club Programs here.

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