Monday, December 31, 2012

Quote of the Week

Happy New Year Everyone! Let this coming year be your best one yet.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Week in Photos

Source: Sew Much Ado

I found this recipe on Mr. Food for chocolate chip cheesecake last Christmas and have been absolutely obsessed with it.  It is so super easy and SO good!  I made some again this year for Christmas and have had it twice for breakfast since.

Source: Pinterest

I would like to start a movement of people against LOL.  First of all, it is just ridiculous.  I really want to respond, 'are you really laughing out loud?'  And secondly, I can't tell you how many emails I get at work with LOL in them.  When did it become appropriate business speak?  I am kind of against the whole acronym takeover to begin with.  Just say what you mean, don't abbreviate it. 

It is currently snowing outside, AND it is full moon.  If I didn't live in the city it would be a great night to watch the sky.

Source: Little Lucy Lu

I mentioned a while back that I was cleaning in out my mud room.  I kind of took an extended hiatus from the project, but am putting it on my 2013 Goals list to have done by the end of February.  I initially went into it with the idea of tackling 2 or 3 bags at a time until it is complete.  Seeing this list makes me wonder what other areas I can declutter by just doing one bag a day until it is done.  Kind of makes it less over whelming

I am long overdue for a hair cut.  My hair grows super fast and just way too long.  I really love Cheryl Cole's hair in this photo.

Source: Dine & Dish

I went to Tastefully Simple party earlier this month.  I have never heard of the brand, but was amazed with how delicious and simple every thing was.  (The concept behind Tastefully Simple is that most of their products require just a few ingredients and are simple enough that just about anyone could make them.)   They have a really fantastic beer bread mix that calls for just a can of beer.  I made it twice this week and was so disappointed to only have one mix left!  That was until I found this recipe.  It looks just as easy and I am pretty sure I have all the ingredients already!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

So this is Christmas . . .


As Christmas day winds down here on the East Coast, I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and enjoyed a great day with their loved ones.  

It's been busy over the last few days prepping for Christmas.  As much as I love Christmas, it is absolutely exhausting!  I have been been on vacation since last Thursday and excited that I actually have some free time tomorrow to do nothing.  I have been on the go for the last 4 or 5 days and I am wiped!!

With all the preparations I haven't had much time to blog and missed my Monday Quote of the week, so here is a verse from one of my favorite Christmas Songs.

Photo Source: Redigi

Before you go to bed tonight, take a moment to remember all those that are lost and the grieving, especially those in Newtown that were unable to celebrate today 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Lusts

Heather Resin Watch in Alphine Horn, FOSSIL - I really love the contrast between the skinny strap  and large face.  I think this style may be the next "boyfriend" watch.  I also really love the alphine horn.  It is so unique and I think it could be worn with either silver or gold.

Making Pretty Lipstick in 3N, MAC Cosmetics - First of all, how gorgeous is this packaging?  I saw it in MAC the other day and absolutely fell in love with the wrapped pink leather design.  And this color is such a pretty milky pink.

Damier Azur Canvas Medium Ring Agenda, Louis Vuitton - While I don't see myself ever being in the position to spend almost $600 on an agenda, every once in a while it is nice to dream.   I love carry a paper agenda and just feel so organized writing down appointments, to do list and ideas.

Staring at Stars Array Cardigan, Urban Outfitters - I don't typically like Aztec prints but really love this in black and white.

Bow 3/4 Sleeve Sweater, LOFT - Are you noticing a sweater trend here? It hasn't been super super cold here in the north east, but cold enough that all I want are cozy, pretty sweaters.

Black Glitter TOMS - I have been a little obsessed with TOMS lately, which I hate to admit for the mere fact that I was so absolutely against the style couple of years ago. They are just so simple and easy AND COMFORTABLE!  I love anything that sparkles so naturally, I need to have these.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Week in Photos

Source: English Muse

With a little more than a week left before the New Year, why not choose a resolution to do more of what you love?

Source: Birchbox Blog

I am very excited to have had one of my posts featured on Birchbox Blog yesterday.

Source: RotteneCards

One if my besties sent this to me this morning.  I don't know if it is pronounced the same as me (pronounced Dee-na) but if I ever move to Connecticut, DeanaRose place is the first street I'll go house shopping on.

Source: Pinterest

It seems we have all survived the Zombie Apocalypse.  I wonder how all those doomsdayers felt coming out of their bunkers this morning thinking they were the only ones left to find the rest if us crashing their party.

A bear poses as a human in this 1922 shot taken in Franklin Park Zoo. 

This week also brought a new design to my blog. (YAY!) A special thanks to 17th Avenue Blog & Graphic Design Studio for their great work and quick turn around time.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection

It has been over two months since Target + Neiman Marcus revealed their collaboration, bringing 24 designers together for one holiday collection.  (See my original post HERE)  I eagerly waited a month and a half for the collection to hit store shelves only to be slightly disappointed to see it in the flesh.  Everything was exactly as pictured and priced in the promotional pictures, yet for some reason I was just kind of blah about. (And call me cheap, but I was just not that interested in spending $70 for a scarf from the same place I buy my laundry detergent.) By the vast availability of the collection 3 weeks later, I am left to wonder if others weren't wowed by it either, or if Target learned the err of their ways after the Missoni mishap left many shoppers (myself included) empty handed.  Needless to say most, if not all of, the collection is still widely available.  

Although I viewed the collection on each of my numerous trips to Target over the last three weeks (I really wanted to make myself love it) nothing wooed me enough to purchase until I decided to pick up the Rodarte Ornament for my tree last week.  It was $20, which was a little more than I wanted to spend on a single ornament but it is pretty and quite solid.  Plus, I view Christmas ornaments as somewhat of a collection so its something I will have for years.  I also ended up getting the Carolina Herrera Stationery Set as a last minute gift for work.  (They came in a gift box making them easy to wrap . . . I was sold!)  I thought they were journals but now find out they are notepads which makes me kind of what them for myself.  

Today I was in Target (like most, I LIVE at Target) and the Target + Neiman Marcus collection was 50% OFF!  That made the collection A LOT more appealing to me, so I ended up buying a few things.  Some of what bought I can't reveal because they are gifts (but let me tell you the Marc Jacobs Pouch is a steal for $35!) but one thing I can share are the Jason Wu Ornaments.  This was one thing from the collection that I had my eyes on from the start, however, there were other ways that I preferred to spend $50.  This trio of ornaments is gorgeous and now that I have them and able to see/touch them out of the box they are very high quality and stunning!  Whether you picked them up at full price, or find them at half off they would look great on any tree or make great gifts (separated or as the trio)

This trio comes with a solid red glass ornament, a white ornament with white lace appliqué, and a clear glass ornament with black lace appliqué.  Each ornament is detailed with golden metal floral finials and crystals. 

I have a somewhat obsession with tree ornaments and add new ones every year.  I am somewhat proud of my collection, but these might just be my new favorites.

The Rodarte Ornament is just as gorgeous, but the Jason Wu's are my favorites!

If you are in Target this weekend getting in some last minute shopping, check out the collection now that it is 50% off.  You can also snag some deals on Target's website.

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Disclaimer: All products listed were purchased  by me.  I am not being compensated for mention of any of the products listed in this post.  All the opinions expressed are my own.    

Monday, December 17, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree . . .

The Christmas Tree is my absolute favorite of all holiday decoration.  There is something to be said about a massive tree just hanging out in your living room decked out with bows, ornaments, lights, garland and anything else you trim it with.  It's a tradition that dates back as early as the 16th century and no matter how big or small, in most households, the tree is the focal point of all Christmas decor.  

Source: HGTV

Source: imgfave

Source: Real Simple

Source: Southern Living

Source: Country Living

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Gifts that Give Back

With Christmas just about a week away, if you are struggling with some last minute gifts why not give a gift that keeps giving.  These gifts are not only stylish but they support some worthy charities so your loved ones will love getting them and you can feel great giving them. - Sevenly is an organic funding movement to raise money and awareness for different organizations across the globe.  Because there are so many causes and charities with little awareness, funding and following, Sevenly decided to pick one charity a week to raise money.  T-shirts are then designed specific to the cause and available for one week only. then donate $7 for each t-shirt sold to that weeks charity. 

Because I am a Girl, Alex and Ani - Alex and Ani does an entire line of charitable bracelets in which they donate 20% of the sales of the bracelets to selected charities.  Throughout 2012, 20% of all sales, with a minimum donation of $5,000, from the Because I am a Girl Charm will go to Plan International USA’s because I am a Girl initiative, a movement to lift four million girls in the developing world out of poverty.  Other bracelets support charities such as KIPP,  Blessings in a Backpack, The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, and many others.

Tree of Life Necklace, RichRocks - RichRocks will donate 25% of the sale of each 'Tree of Life' necklace to City of Hope's pancreatic cancer research and treatment program.  This exclusive necklace represents the 'Tree of Life', a universal symbol of encouragement, strength and protection. 

TOMS Sunglasses - Most already know the TOMS philosophy of giving back.  Their "One for One"  donates one pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair sold.  TOMS is now going a step further.  Every pair of glasses sold will provide a pair of prescription glasses, sight-saving surgery or medical treatment to someone in need. Currently, TOMS is helping give sight in more than 13 countries worldwide, including Bangladesh, Cambodia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Paraguay, Tibet, Tanzania, Uganda and the United States. 

ONEHOPE Wines - ONEHOPE donates 50% of their profits to different charities.  Each wine supports a particular charity.  Zinfandel (shown) supports Snowball Express, an organization that supports families and children of fallen soldiers. Since September 11, 2001 more than 8,000 children have lost a U.S. service-member parent as a result of ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Snowball Express brings families together to provide hope for the future during the difficult loss of a loved one. 

Circle of Hope Scarf, Warriors in Pink -  Ford Motor Company has been active in the fight against breast cancer since 1993. In 2006 Ford intensified its efforts by introducing Warriors in Pink and the Ford Warriors in Pink line of wear and gear. 100% of the net proceeds from all wear and gear sales is dedicated to the cause with donations going to charities that offer a wide-range of support. Like a circle, hope for a cure is continuous. Brightly colored Warrior symbols create a pattern on one side while a bold color accents the other.

Stephan Johnson Arctic Gold iPad Case, Gifts that Give - Gifts that Gave donates $1 out of every $5 goes to a cause of your choice.  Safeguard your favorite tech toy with our ultra-chic Stephanie Johnson Arctic Gold iPadCase! Zip-around case boasts a softly cushioned nylon interior, while layers of icy gold and silver sequins sparkle on the exterior.  $10 from the sale of this case goes to the charity you choose.